Confirmed and Next Critical Steps!

1. Find the receipt just emailed you (which may be in your Spam folder) and reply with "Got it" which will whitelist the email we will send you monthly meeting notifications from.

2. Mark this Wednesday at 2 pm ET for a Live Orientation (held weekly if tied up). The Zoom link is:

3. Watch the Member Portal video below, then click Login in the top right menu. Use your email for BOTH the email AND password fields. The system will then prompt you to create a password of your choice.

Watch a Quick Tour of the Member Portal.

Contact Us

Chat Online.

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Email Customer Service.

Call Customer Service.

1-404-220-8700 9-5 ET.  Self-Service & Chat above are fastest as we are often moderating.

Weekly Live Orientation.

For new members and those considering, join us every Wednesday at 2 pm ET for a Live Orientation plus Q&A:

Live Orientation Zoom Meeting (every Weds at 2 pm ET).